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Discover in Treviso the natural beauties and the unique food & wine culture

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  • The Magic India Expo

    The great exhibitions of the Treviso. Suitable for those people who wants to discover the great masters who shaped...

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  • Spring of Prosecco

    Prosecco DOC: wine par excellence For lovers of Prosecco, the beginning of Spring is the beginning of the explosion of colors...

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  • Pet Room

    Located on the top floor of the modern hotel, the Superior Rooms are characterized by a welcoming and attractive atmosphere thanks to the wooden beam ceiling and

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  • Park, Sleep and Fly

    ´╗┐Have you booked a flight from the Canova Treviso Airport? Here's an opportunity to be sezied! Book one night at Best Western Titian Inn Hotel Treviso, leave your car...

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  • At Dinner with Mom and Dad

    ´╗┐Dinner With Mum and. Measure of child - Service Mini Club room dedicated to recreational activities

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  • Kids Room

    For our guests we offer always the best, because we understand the needs of those travelling with his family, and we...

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