What to See


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Your Must See in Treviso

What to see

In this section we report the hystoric buildings and the most famous destinations of Treviso city center because they are synonym of culture, art and history.

They are places not to be missed and many exhibitions to discover on the best way the city. You could also find in this section useful information about the opening times of many museum and places where to go.

This corresponds to our quality policy because we always want the best for our guests.

  • Cà Carraresi Treviso

    The name "Ca Carraresi" not derived as you think to the Da Carrara family bec...
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  • Piazza dei Signori and Palazzo dei 300 in Treviso

    Piazza dei signori is definitly the center of Treviso, where the most importa...
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  • Cà dei Carraresi

    Il nome "Cà dei Carraresi" deriverebbe, non tanto perché come si pensa la fam...

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  • Historical Centre

    On the north side we find San Tommaso door, biult under Paolo Nani government...
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  • Treviso Dome

    The 'Duomo' of Treviso based its origins on the XII century. It is dedicated ...
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  • The Treviso Towers

    The first signs of the tower presence goes back till the XIII century when th...
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  • Treviso Wall

    The presence of the wall into the historic and suggestive city of Treviso goe...
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  • The Loggia dei Cavalieri

    The 'lodge of the knights' was built in the second part of 1200 when Treviso ...
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  • Giorgione Museum

    The Giorgione gouse museum opened 9th May 2009 in concomitance with the celeb...
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  • Scotti Palace

    Scotti palace was built in Treviso as residence of the Scotti nobles family. ...
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  • Tiepolo's Villa

    The noble and powerful Tiepolo family had a coppersmith factory on Melma rive...
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