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Romantic Promenade in Treviso

Treviso, 'città delle Mura'

The presence of the wall into the historic and suggestive city of Treviso goes back to the roman age. According to the story, before the city there were a roman city hall on the highest part of the city center, where we could now find Signori square and Dome square.

That boundary walls,  about 4 km long, was built to defend the city, and was considered the most important stronghold of Venice. Closely to the major ramparts you could find many winged lions, traditional symbol of the Venice power. Many houses and buildings were destroyed to build that walls. Thanks to that defence tool Treviso wasn't subjected to attacks of enemies anymore.

In the mid of the XVIII century the walls became a customs point according to control the goods that came in the city and impose taxes on that.