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Restaurant Il Concerto


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From one season to the other...

Enjoy Your meal

The restaurant "Il Concerto" Menus are composed by a seasonal selection of fresh and unique ingredients, which are the highest expression of quality and freshness.

Our Purposes



Ravioli pasta stuffed with parmesan zucchini on sweet gorgonzola fondue

Sauris ham and Parmesan basket with ratatouille vegetables and slices of gruyere

Sorana Carpaccio with spinach and pecorino accompanied by petit cheese souffle

and more...

The appetizer of tradition Treviso: Sopa Coada


First Dishes


Lasagna with escarole, burrata cheese, cherry tomatoes and nutmeg

Homemade Potato Gnocchi with apples, cinnamon and blue cheese Bleu de Bresse

Linguine “al cartoccio” with pesto of fennel, almonds and parmesan cheese baked with red garlic

and more...

The first course of tradition Treviso: Rice and potatoes with rogout of stewed veal cheek

Second Dishes

Sliced ​​beef with grilled potatoes and rosemary and cinnamon restricted Malbeck

Beef fillet barded with bacon and green pepper sauce demi glass

Baked lamb chop with spicy beans chutney of mint and avocado

and more...

The main couse of tradition Treviso: Stewed eel with polenta




The desserts are handbaked and prepared everyday especially for you!



For info and requests, please contact:

Ristorante "Il Concerto" c/o BW Titian Inn Hotel Treviso, Via Callalta 87 Silea (Tv) Tel. (+39) 0422.361770 - Fax. 0422.460150 email