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Discover the beauties of the Marca Trevigiana

The Treviso province is located a few kilometers from Venice. It is an extrordinary mix of landscapes, art, history, natural beauty, hospitality and italian food.



Treviso is a city characterized by colour and medieval heart. The best way to discover Treviso is going around for a walk and be fascinated by his history.


Castelfranco Veneto

Castelfranco Veneto is surrounded by ancient defensive walls with six tower situated on the four corners and on the median walls. It is located on a strategic position on the mid of the Veneto region. It was born as a commercial city and was the headquarter of an ancient market of grain and livestock. It also was the center of many crafts activities and an important railway station since the end of the XIX century.



Conegliano was born in the XII century, the castle was the center of the politic and religious administration. Every year in June, in the mid of the city the administration organizes the Dama Castellana show, a medieval checkers match. In September takes place another checkers match in which instead of the common pieces, they use glasses of wine.



Oderzo was built between Cansiglio mountain and the Adriatic sea around the XI century by the ancient venetian population. That zone was an important trade route. In the 29 B.C. it was englobed under the roman empire and obtained the status of "Municipium".


Vittorio Veneto

The city is the symbol of an important national historic event, the end of the 1st world war. The gold medal to the military value was given to Vittorio Veneto, thanks to the active participation of the population for the deliverance. It is also art city, full of churches, artworks, musics, winer.


It was an ancient village with a massive castle, kindom of Caterina Cornaro and a city dear to poets and artists. The most important people related to the city are: Eleonora Duse, Robert Browning, Giosuè Carducci, Igor Strawinsky and Ernest Hemingway.



The first traces of the human presence into the Piave's plain goes back till the stone age. In this period began the story of Montebelluna. Many historians and archaeologists found traces of that period. It is located into the crossroads of two communication roads. When at the end of XVIII century the Serenissima republic dropped down, Napoleone sold the city to the Austrian empire.